Sunday, December 1, 2019

George the Giant Pumpkin has Found a Home!

Xander Little, a 3rd grade student, won George and gets to take him home, as he won our garden's fundraiser! Tickets sold for $1 each and the garden club sold just under a hundred tickets! George the Giant Pumpkin was not donated, but we did acquire him from a local business for a small fee. During the last week of October, our school participated in Red Ribbon Week to bring prevention awareness to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Each day students had the opportunity to dress up according to a theme to show their support. George was also able to dress up each day, and of course the kids loved it!

Wahoo! Another School Year and Garden Club Begins!

What a wonderful group of students for our first meeting! This is going to be such an exciting year! For our first meeting, we cleaned a few beds, planted several plants including some herbs and milkweed, and made lots of posters for our first fundraiser! George the Giant Pumpkin will be raffled off the end of October to a lucky student!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Our Hoedown was a Success!

Our annual spring fundraiser, the Ellisor Hoedown and Chili Throwdown, allowed us to raise close to $300 for our garden! We had lots of fresh cut vegetables and herbs for sale. The heritage carrots were our biggest seller! We will definitely have more next year! We also sold cucumber plants and plant markers. We sold lots of crafts including garden rocks to paint, ceramic pots to paint, and plant markers to paint. Needless to say, everything sold! We could not have done this without the help of our student volunteers. Our student volunteers worked in 15 minute slots, and we had more than enough help. In addition, it was great to see so many students who had been in garden club over the years, had moved on to other schools, and then come back to visit. It was a fun and memorable evening, as you can see from these pictures. With our profits, we plan to complete the flooring and irrigation in our greenhouse! Thank you to all who helped make it such a fun and wonderful evening for our students and our school!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ready for the Spring!

Over the past two months we have planted our wildflower garden, maintained our garden beds, and planted seeds for the upcoming spring fundraiser. The rain has really held us back from more work, but it looks like these next few months will be busy! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Survival After a Freeze

What a strange season we have had! With all the rain, our garden has been growing like crazy! However, we had a freeze this week that damaged the green beans and basil. We were sad to see them go, especially after the beautiful tee pees we had built for them to climb. This has been our third Saturday to meet since the beginning of school, and we had lots of parents and students in attendance! Our Master Gardener also brought lots of goodies as usual. We seeded our wildflower garden in the back garden with shakers and learned all about growing wildflowers. Mrs. Kuck brought over our worm farm and we laid castings in the beds. The first grade garden bed, "Mr. McGregor's Garden," is growing well, while the PreK garden is almost ready for harvest! Our garden club beds include the history garden, some vegetable garden beds, and the sensory garden. We pulled out all the remaining cotton from the dried bolls, and also the four cotton plants. They must be destroyed by November 22nd as part of our agreement with the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation. Fortunately, Mrs. Schindler is keeping us all on track with our garden's needs! We also pulled the heritage radishes and sent those giant veggies with our garden club students to enjoy. We also added several banana plants to pots in the greenhouse. It was a very productive day, and fortunately the weather was beautiful! 





Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Friday Morning Meeting was a Big One!

What a turn out! We had 37 students, 4 teachers, and 1 Master Gardener attend our first Friday morning meeting at 7:30 before school started!!! Wow! Unfortunately, we were rained out, so we weren't able to work in the garden. However, we BECAME the garden and imagined ourselves as our newly planted veggies! Each student chose a vegetable that was just planted and drew themselves with very little water, too many weeds, and as a healthy, growing plant! Then we stressed the importance of sharing in the care of our garden and gave them a choice to sign up for a committee. We now have a watering committee and a weeding committee! Each week students will be in charge of watering or weeding either one morning before school, after school, or during their recess. Everyone matters when it comes to supporting our growing garden! Thank you again, and we are looking forward to our next big meeting!

Monday, September 10, 2018

We are Back In Action!

What an incredible turnout for our first Ellisor Garden Club meeting this new school year! We had 20 students and around 15 parents and teachers attend! 

We started with an informative and fun lesson by our Master Gardener Merrie Decker on what plants need and what our soil is made of. The kids were amazing using what they already knew to create healthy soil. The science vocabulary they used was phenomenal! Way to go little scientists! 

Then we toured our garden and learned about the cotton, the sensory garden, and plans for this year. Mrs. Schindler had prepared a map and plans for each bed, so parents could work with a group of kids to get that bed ready for planting. Everyone worked so hard! We pulled out lots of weeds, old pea plants, the overgrown watermelon bed, and cleaned up a few grade level beds as well. 

We then constructed several climbing structures made from Crepe Myrtle branches to give the climbing vegetables a place to grow. The kids listened to our Master Gardener talk about planting seeds and they all took turns planting a variety of seeds that Mrs. Schindler had planned for us. 

We ended the meeting with watermelon tasting and seed spitting! We had grown some pretty delicious watermelons! The kids were in awe at the one watermelon growing between the fence, and the funny shape it was making. Maybe we should try growing various watermelon shapes in a variety of containers next go around? Hmm...? 

Our very own Ellisor Yearbook Photographer April Morgan came with her son who wanted to join Garden Club. Fortunately, Mrs. Morgan captured lots of incredible photos for our yearbook! Wahoo! 

Last but not least, I need to give an incredible shout out to our amazing teacher Catherine Schindler who won ANOTHER grant! This grant is for seeds from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center! Way to go Mrs. Schindler! We can really use those seeds for our greenhouse this winter! Yay!


George the Giant Pumpkin has Found a Home!

Xander Little, a 3rd grade student, won George and gets to take him home, as he won our garden's fundraiser! Tickets sold for $1 each an...